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Food vendor applications are accepted between March 1 and May 31 of 2024.


Merchant Street MusicFest utilizes electrical distribution panels for vendors. For safety purposes, we only use GFCI outlets on those panels. GFCI outlets sense any imbalance of current that may be flowing through the outlet. This imbalance will allow the circuit to “trip” and cut power to the outlet as quickly as one-thirtieth of a second to protect the public and individuals using these circuits. Note: devices such as crock pots, warmers, electric skillets, snow cone machines, cotton candy machines and fluorescent lighting MAY cause a GFCI to trip, but in most cases this will not occur if the equipment is safe. We require specific information to ensure uninterrupted service.


All devices will require a specific voltage and current to operate properly. Please list ALL potential items that will be plugged into these outlets. This information can be found on your equipment. Place additional items on separate paper if needed. Three (3) outlets are included with your vendor fee. Additional outlets will be charged at $25 each.

(for example: crock pot)






220 Volt outlets are rated at 50 Amps. Identify the number of outlets that will be required to maintain electrical power for your business. Please have your cords wired for the outlet (above) when you arrive.


Please note: submission of this application does not confirm your participation at MSMF. We will contact you once we have received your application. We will then contact you to request payment. Please do not send money until you have been approved.

Set up begins on Thursday at 9:00am. Please check-in with MSMF personnel when you arrive on site as locations may change each year. Vendors are responsible for their own set up including but not limited to: tables, tents, chairs, and HEAVY DUTY extension cords (12 American Wire Gauge Cords are REQUIRED). Merchant Street MusicFest cannot be held responsible for cords that cannot adequately handle the current needed for your equipment. MusicFest reserves the right to turn away vendors that are not PROPERLY setup by 2pm on Friday. All trucks and equipment must be out of the festival area no later than 4pm on Friday and 1pm on Saturday. Event will be held rain or shine so be prepared.


Vendor fee is $400. This fee includes 3 electrical outlets and a 16 ft. frontage space. This is the equivalent of 2 parking spaces. If you need a 220 Volt Grounded outlet, more than 3 outlets, or need more than 2 parking spaces, the fee is $450. Completed forms must be submitted with proof of insurance no later than June 1, 2024. Completed application is two page form and proof of insurance. You will be notified once all applications have been reviewed and vendor selections are made.


Please make sure you have a current food vendor license registered with the Kankakee County Health Dept. For more information, go to Must have $1 million liability insurance, listing the City of Kankakee as the certificate holder as follows: City of Kankakee, Merchant Street MusicFest, 199 S East Avenue, Kankakee, IL 60901.

Thank you for your submission!

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